Omid Aladini

Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies (FIAS)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Room 1.301, Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Office: +49 69 798 47607
Cell: +49 176 276 87 213

I'm studying master of Computational Science at Frankfurt University and I work at FIAS with Constantin Rothkopf and Jochen Triesch on, roughly speaking, Reinforcement Learning. My CV is available here (update Dec. 16 2011: this is super old and will be replaced by current reality soon!).

Past activities/projects

  1. I was the designer and developer of Graphlab Library project in Sharif University of Technology.
  2. I was the co-founder of Helli-Respina soccer simulator team which competed in RoboCup 2001 and 2002 soccer simulation league. I'm keeping this webpage for historical reasons.
  3. An implementation of an image compression method using Haar Wavelets writtin in MATLAB.


  1. Twifish is an experimental twitter search application which includes synonyms of phrases in search.
  2. Peoplium is a tool to track and discuss people's unpleasant social experiences.


I support AI, HRW, EFF and RWB.
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My Erdos Number is ∞